The Migos are celebrating their Billboard Hot 100 hit "Bad and Boujee," making it their first number one single ever.

The trio made a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live this week to perform the hit song, and during a commercial break, Kimmel told The Migos,

"Guys, I want to congratulate you. I've never smelled more pot in our building as I have tonight. You set the record," said Kimmel. "We've had every artist. We've had Willie Nelson who's been here. Snoop Dogg has been here. You smoked them all out.... Congratulations. By the way I'm Jimmy, I'm the host of the show." which was all met to laughs and applause from the audience.

The beauty of it is that no one can criticize The Migos for their actions, seeing how the recreational use of marijuana has been legalized in California.

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