Enough with the “New Year, New Me” posts, lets get real about why you won’t stick to your plan of eating healthier in the new year.

“If you set realistic goals, start small, begin to be prepared, have the right tools in the kitchen, and also learn to forgive yourself, you will have nothing but success this year.” - Kevin (Fit Men Cook)

At the top of each year many people vow to become healthier by hitting the gym and starting some far fetched diet, that they ultimately won’t stick to for more than a month.

Kevin from Fit Men Cook offers up some pretty sound advice, while giving 5 reasons people "will not have success in their healthy diet."

  1. You forget to set a goal.
  2. You do not start small, instead you try to change everything at once.
  3. You fail to prepare (no meal prepping or preparing meals in advance).
  4. You do not have the right kitchen tools for success.
  5. You do not forgive yourself for making a mistake.

Watch the full video above as he gets more detailed about how to have a successful diet. Check out some of Kevin’s healthy recipes via his website, FitMenCook.com.

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