Most of you who listen to me on the afternoon jumpoff have heard that I love to talk. Whether it's inteviews with different artist or just friends, I love to get in the know with people. One thing you may not know is that I love to work out and going to the gym is my vice. Well once again Chilli came through and I decided to drop a little motivation with this video. Check it out!

 Erik Tee Talks Weight Loss:

I have to give major props to my wife and my personal trainer who started with me in January of last year. He really incoporated some workouts that had me sweating, but also dropping the weight as well. While I no longer work out with him, he has truly given me plenty of things to work on and motivation to keel going.

Like I said in the video, regardless of where you start. It doesn't matter as long as you start and get the right things going. Take small steps and simply set a goal and try to accomplish it at your pace. You didn't put the weight on over night and you're not going to lose it overnight.

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