In the 90’s my favorite genre of music was R&B, solely because my parents didn’t allow me to listen to much rap music, odd to say the least. I was sheltered from the tough talk of 90’s rappers, but I wasn’t going to have many issues with knowing how to treat a woman in the bedroom, seeing as how most of my favorite R&B artists and groups sang mostly about drama, love, and sex. My dad was in an R&B group so it was kind of a no brainer that I learned to appreciate music in it’s truest form.

With all of that said, and all of you knowing that I found out what a condom was in the 5th grade thanks to my older brother, check out one of my all time favorites from Jodeci “Get On Up.”

Jodeci’s first album in twenty years The Past, The Present, The Future is in stores and online now, featuring their new single “Every Moment."

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