It's never a good feeling when legendary hip-hop icons feud. However, 2017 is going to keep on being 2017, and the latest bad news comes from Flavor Flav, who is suing Chuck D and Public Enemy for unpaid royalties.

According to TMZ, Flavor Flav alleges he hasn't received a royalty check in years after striking an agreement with Chuck D to split the profits of various Public Enemy business ventures. The clock-wielding member of Public Enemy also claims he hasn't received the full amount the group owes him for having his voice and likeness used on their new album, Nothing is Quick in the Desert, without his consent.

However, this isn't the first time Public Enemy has faced legal issues this year. In early May, Chuck D sued a production company, Alt House Productions, after he unknowingly gave them the rights to produce a documentary around Spectrum City. For those who don't know, Spectrum City was the group before Public Enemy.

It isn't all bad news when it comes to Public Enemy. Earlier this month, Professor Griff and Solé got married. In an Instagram post, Solé described how her and Griff fell in love. “Aug. 11, 2017 ✨ today marked one year to the day that @professorgriff and I reconnected and had lunch as friends,” she wrote. “We had no clue what would ensue. At the time we had known each other for 27 years but he was always like my big brother. After that lunch though, something changed… and a beautiful plutonic friendship based on love and mutual respect, began blossoming into a beautiful, romantic relationship based on that foundation.”

We hope Flava Flav and the members of the group can resolve their issues. Nobody wins, especially hip-hop fans, when the family feuds.

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