The fabulous life of former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick are over.  Dubbed "The Hip-Hop Mayor" by Russell Simmons, the now disgraced mayor is looking at some serious time in prison.

Kwame Kilpatrick- Youtube

Kwame Kilpatrick was first elected Detroit mayor when he was 31-years old and at the time had an enormous amount of support from the community, Hip-Hop artists and various other celebs as well.  He was very popular, so much so that he was re-elected to a second term.  However, that's when his legal problems began as well.  Here's his dramatic rise and fall.

Winter Ramos-youtube

Get more details surrounding his conviction, verdict and sentence.  It's all below with Tha Wire.  In other news, Love & Hip Hop's Winter Ramos has proved that she's not much of a friend.  After all, she just penned Game Over, a new tell-all book that exposes various people in Hip-Hop as well as her so-called closes friends.  Like Lore'l.  Who was supposed to be her girl.  However, after Winter included Lore'l in her book and put her previous relationships on blast, the two haven't been on good terms.  Here's Lore'l with her thoughts about the book.

In the book Winter describes a love triangle she had with Game and Jadakiss.  She admits to being in love with Jadakiss, but out of revenge she got with the Game.  One things for sure, a lot of people are going to be upset when the book comes out.  Speaking of which she chose a unique date to release it and you can get all of that info in Tha Wire below.

Christopher and T'yanna Wallace-youtube

Finally, the late B.I.G. is coming back to guide his children in a new animated series called "House Of Wallace".  Both of Big's kids are going to star in the show, which will also feature the Hip-Hop Icons music.   For all of today's juicy details, press play to hear Tha Wire now: