French Montana has remained quiet following a home invasion at his California mansion on July 31, but the rapper is finally speaking out and he's upset about the coverage his west coast home has been receiving.

The New York rhymer hopped on Instagram on Friday (Aug. 3) and showed off his entire mansion, which he claims the media was neglecting to show. "Since they wanna have helicopters on top of my house all day, and spread negative news and only show half of my house lol," French wrote in the caption of a full view of house.

"No mortgage, and it's not my only," he continued, adding, "motivation to everyone that come from nothing."

French also updated his fans on his condition following the home invasion and revealed why he didn't feel the need to speak out sooner. "To all the people that been checkn on me thank you I’m in the best shape of my life! [sic]" he wrote.

"I’m not a clout chaser, and I don’t jump on the internet as soon as things happen ! I Liv a real life ! That can’t be on the Internet sometimes ! U might find your girl here u ain’t going to find no money we keep it in the bank 😂 I’m not your average rapper," the "Welcome to the Party" artist continued.

According to reports following the break-in, at least two armed robbers were confirmed to have broken into the Calabasas home. Los Angeles County sheriff's officials were called to the gated community around 9 a.m. on July 31, although it's unclear if any of the rapper's personal items were stolen.

Check out French Montana's Instagram post below.

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