A recent game at the Drew League in Los Angeles turned ugly when The Game went head to head with his own teammate during the event. In footage posted to Twitter on Sunday (Aug. 5), The Game can be seen squaring up with teammate Jarion Henry, before another man throws a punch at Henry from behind, knocking him to the ground.

Following the incident, the west coast rapper hopped on Instagram to issue an apology to Henry and called the fight an out-of-character moment for himself. "I’m writing this sincere apology 1st & foremost to my teammate & lil brother @j_hennn for my role in our disagreement that went a lot further than it should’ve," The Game wrote in the now-deleted post.

"I acted out of character & although as brothers for the last 7 years & one of my teammates I definitely consider family.... there are always heated moments on the court & in our locker room but it should never get to where it got to today... so again, this is my apology fam," he added.

The rapper also apologized to the commissioner of the league, Dino Smiley, the commissioner's daughter Chanel Smiley and his fans. "Secondly, I apologize to the @drewleague commissioner 'Dino Smiley' as well as his daughter Chanel Smiley for how things spiraled out of control today as you know my character as of late is far better than what was demonstrated today," he wrote.

Game also revealed that he and Henry spoke following the fight and voiced their opinions to each other. "I've talked to @j_hennn & we both voiced our opinions & as well our apologies to one another," the rhymer added. "I just felt the only way for my feelings to reach to all of you at once was to bring here....so here I am."

The fight at the Drew League is just the latest issue for The Game, who is now on the hook for more than $35,000 in legal fees following his counteraction lawsuit against Viacom. According to court documents, the media company is seeking reimbursement for the legal fees that total $35,729.50, which stem from sexual assault allegations that were brought against the rapper.

Check out a video of the fight, as well as The Game's apology below.

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