Today in Tha Wire one day after French police announce they arrested suspects connected to the Kim Kardashian jewelry heist, today they revealed the robbery could've been an inside job.  Apparently police arrested a total of 17 people over the past couple of days, and one of them was a longtime driver for the Kardashian's.  According to reports French police believe Kim's driver was a big part of the heist, saying he was the one tipped off the jewel thieves.

As previously reported, French police rounded up several suspects whom they believe were involved in the October robbery.  Authorities say all of the suspects are part of a far-reaching criminal network of middle age to senior citizen jewel thieves.  French newspaper Le Monde, reported the limo driver worked for a company, that the Kardashian's used whenever they were in Paris.  Police believe the driver gave up details on everybody's whereabouts at the time of the crime.

Over the weekend French officers were seen carrying items out of the suspects' homes, like big-screen TVs, but it's not clear if the items were stolen property taken in the Kardashian robbery.  However the authorities did confirm that a lot of the arrests were made based on DNA traces left at the scene of the crime.

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