Question: Do you want to build a snowman... again?

Think hard on this question. Because a time is going to come in the very near future (less than two years, in fact) when all will be called upon to answer. Frozen 2 is officially coming. Prepare yourself.

As part of a wide-ranging list of release date shifts and announcements, Disney made it official today: Its sequel to the gargantuan animated hit Frozen will open in theaters on November 27, 2019. Disney had previously only said that an untitled animated movie would debut on that date; today it revealed this project is Frozen 2 — and that’s what they’re calling it, at least for now. (There’s still time to change it to ReFrozen.)

Disney first announced that Frozen sequel was in the works back in May of 2015. They’d already announced that filmmakers Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck would be back for the film, and Kristen Bell shared her enthusiasm about the project as well. There hasn’t been a lot of new information in the intervening years, although the Frozen property has continued its avalanche-like assault on the pop cultural zeitgeist with a new ride at Epcot and an incoming Broadway adaptation, which recently cast its own Anna and Elsa.

Disney also released a brief Frozen short, “Frozen Fever,” in front of 2015’s Cinderella, but 2019 will mark the first time in forever (okay, six years) that there will be a new Frozen feature in theaters. Every princess enthusiast in the land is going to loser their minds, and so will you when they refuse to stop singing its songs.

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