Joyner Lucas has been one of those kept secrets when it comes to the music game. He has dropped some compelling and though provoking videos and touched on sensitive subjects like Race, Religion and now with his latest safety driving.

When I saw the clip of this video. I couldn't wait until the final video came out to see the finished product. All I can say is wow. While he has had his share of back lash from beefing with Logic and flack from the "I'm Not Racist" video. He is gonna really bring some folks to their knees when they see this one. Check out the video for "Frozen" below.


Joyner Lucas- "Frozen":


Unfortunately we have all been guilty of at least one of these. When I tell you there are not many people who can tell a story like Joyner. You better believe me and this is not the first. He is also working on a collaborative effort with Chris Brown for a project called Angels and Demons that is dropping this summer. If you want to hear more of what he offers, please click here for more hot music from the homie.

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