Some people will do anything for a buck.  There is no stoop to low, for some getting paid is all that matters.  No matter who's life they destroy in the process.  This is differently the case in story.  You have to be a low down person to take a photo of someone who has passed and then sell it.That's exactly what happened to Whitney Houston, in spite of the high security surrounding her funeral.  The Whigham Funeral Home was giving the distinct honor and privilege of caring for her body and directing her funeral.  Yet, somehow, someone took a picture of Whitney in her casket and sold it to the National Enquirer.

Some people have no shame.  So, who was it?  The people preparing her body at the funeral home?  What about an invited guest, a member of security or even worse.....a family member?  One thing we do know, it wasn't someone in the public.  This was an inside job.

Right now, the funeral home is being blamed.  Let's face it, if anyone had access to her body and the privacy to take the was an employee from the funeral home.  Well, speaking of which the owner of Whigham Funeral Home, Carolyn Whigham has come forward and announced that she knows who leaked the photo and wants to clear her name.

Whigham denied that her place of business leaked the photos, but said only three people has access to Houston's body.  She also said Houston's body was heavily guarded by security chosen by the family.

Whigham told the media that the funeral home had conducted their own investigation which revealed that the photo was taken Friday, a day before Houston's funeral service was held.  The funeral home owner didn't reveal how she arrived at that information.  Refusing to go into any further details regarding their findings.

She did say however, that she fears for her safety and her family.  As they have been receiving death threats ever since the photo was leaked.  Adding,"We are being innocently accused.  I want to clear my name, I want to clear my funeral home... I want to defend my character and my name."

The National Enquirer is refusing to reveal who sold them the photo as well, however they did reveal that they paid six figures for it.

Meanwhile the uncertainty remains as to who leaked the Houston casket photo, many are hoping that Bobbi Kristina will reveal the culprit during her upcoming interview with Oprah this Sunday March 11th.  By the way, Mrs Whigham is said to be considering legal action against whoever released the photo to the National Enquirer, though she won't say who that person is.

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