Gabbie recently revealed being rapped and how she understands why Rihanna's video is so violent......Gabrielle Union recently revealed that when she was 19 while working at a California Shoe Store she was raped.  Gabbie said "As he was raping me, I felt as though I was floating over myself, thinking, 'This isn't happening."  I blanked out and had an out-of-body experience, like I was hovering above seeing this horrible thing happen to someone else...not me."

Gabrielle spoke out in response to all the negative press that Rihanna has received about her new video "Man Down".   Though she isn't endorsing murder, she did admit to having a personal relationship with RiRi's video because she tried to shoot her rapist in the act but missed.

Gabrielle spoke out on twitter and said "The desire to kill someone who abused/raped you is understandable, but unless it's self defense in the moment to save your life, just adds to your troubles #mandown".

Rihanna new video, in spite of the bad press, is bringing the topic of abuse and rape to the forefront.

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