Game is denying claims that he assaulted his fiance' Tiffeny Cambridge.  The rapper/actor is under investigation for felony domestic violence after allegedly assaulting Ms. Cambridge.  


The Game-Getty
The Game-Getty

TMZ reports authorities told the alleged incident occurred last month on March 19th.  Apparently Ms. Cambridge filed a police report and she is accusing Game of hitting her during a heated argument.  Sources supposedly close to the couple reported during the alleged altercation, Game repeatedly hit Ms. Cambridge in the face, breaking her nose and causing injury to her eye socket.  Game is out right denying the claims and took to his Instagram page and told his follows he will be vindicated before it’s all said and done.

Game went on Instagram Friday (April 4) and wrote:

I don’t want to give fuel to these false accusations, but the truth will definitely come out. I’m always looking out for my children’s safety and have never laid a hand on Tiffney. All I want is a chance to move on with my life & be allowed to be the father to my children I have been since their births. Judge me as you may, but do heart & my intentions are pure.” — The Game

Meanwhile, authorities are saying they have taken photos of Tiffeny’s face and the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department has reportedly launched a criminal investigation.

By the way one day before the domestic violence allegations hit the net, the rapper/actor posted a photo of himself getting arrested.  It’s not clear as to why, but it is being speculated that it was in relation to the domestic violence claim.

The arrest photo has the caption:

Me & @moneygangworldwide might be headed downtown to the twin towers… Only thing bout going to jail as a rich n-gga is that… We bail out before we take mugshots #F-ckThePolice #BloodMoney #LaFamilia.

Meanwhile, believe it or not Tiffney and Game were filming the third season of Marrying The Game, But if the accusations are true, that may be a wrap on the show. Game also posted this message on his instagram page:

There is never a good reason for domestic violence, however I am going to wait an get all the details before a form to strong of an opinion.  I find it hard to believe Game would put his hands on Tiffeny, but anything is possible.  I think he's a good father and loves Tiffeny and his children.  I also, in watching to show, feel Tiffeny is very hard to please, extremely jealous and tends to be the aggressor in their relationship.  Keeping it real, she's not my favorite person, because Game goes out his way to make her happy and yet, she's never satisfied.  This is my personal opinion, based on what I've observed watching the couple and their show.

Again, their is now excuse for domestic violence.  So no matter how difficult, jealous, argumentative or aggressive she may be, Game has no right to put his hands on her. I really hope this is not true.  What do you think?

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