The Game once again finds himself in some legal trouble. Recently, the owner of Big D's Burgers sued the Compton, Calif. rapper for failing to pay them an $8,500 bill for catering a party he threw on July 4.

A rep for Big D's tells TMZ that Game hired them on two separate occasions, with the West Coast rapper paying them in cash both times. According to the rep, Game requested food for 250 people, but the problem is, 450 showed up to his function. The Big D's rep says the 200 extra attendees essentially forced Big D's to make an extra food run. That wasn't the only bit of extra service Game asked for either.

The rep says Game also requested Big D's to pick up some alcohol and cleaning supplies and, even though their procurement of those items wasn't included in the deal, they obliged. When it was time to pay up, Game allegedly promised to wire Big D's the money the next day. Apparently, he never did, which is why the owner is suing him.

Although this doesn't sound too good, Game and his manager Wack 100 don't seem to be stressing too much. The Game, who recently teased new music with Dr. Dre, apparently claims the Big D's owner is lying, while his manager says Game never had any contact with the restaurant and that he believed they catered his event for free. Welp.

Hopefully this whole ordeal gets resolved quickly.

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