Is George Zimmerman a dangerous man or a victim?  Take this poll for an extra 500 points if your a 107 Jamz MVP or simply leave a comment and tell us what you think.  Let's face it people, this dude has had a laundry list of legal issues.

Here are the facts:

  • In 2005, Zimmerman,at age 20, Zimmerman was arrested and charged with “resisting officer with violence” and “battery of law enforcement officer,” both which are third-degree felonies. The charge was reduced to “resisting officer without violence” and then waived when he entered an alcohol education program. Contemporaneous accounts indicate he shoved an officer who was questioning a friend for alleged underage drinking at an Orange County bar.
  • That same year in August 2005, Zimmerman’s ex-fiancee, Veronica Zuazo, filed a civil motion for a restraining order alleging domestic violence. Zimmerman counter filed for a restraining order against Zuazo. The competing claims were resolved with both restraining orders being granted.
  • In December 2006, Zimmerman was charged with speeding. The case was dismissed when the officer failed to show up in court.

*  On Feb. 26 2012, in Sanford, Fla., Zimmerman now 28, murders 17-year Trayvon          Martin as the unarmed teen tried to walk home.

*   Since being acquitted of murder, on Sunday July 28th while driving through East Texas Zimmerman was stopped for speeding.  He showed the officer the firearm in his glove compartment. “Nowhere in particular” is how he responded when asked where he was headed.  Ironically, the officer let him go with just a warning.

*  Tuesday Sept. 3rd Zimmerman was pulled over AGAIN for speeding.  This time by a Florida police officer for driving 60 mph in a 45 mph zone. The officer, who was wearing a camera on his uniform, issued Zimmerman a ticket for $256. No word on him having a gun that time

*  Monday Sept. 9 2013, Shellie Zimmerman called Lake Mary authorities to her parents'    home, saying her estranged husband assaulted her father and was threatening her             and her father with a gun. Days earlier, she had filed for divorce.

"He's in his car and he continually has his hand on his gun and he keeps saying 'step closer' and he's just threatening all of us," Shellie Zimmerman said in a 911 call.

What do you think?  Did the jury and all his supporters get it wrong?  Is he a dangerous man on the loose?  Are you wondering how many chances this guy is going to get before he gets locked-up?  Or is his legal track record no big deal?  Is the media to blame?  Is he being singled out?  Is he an innocent man getting a bad rap?

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