Yesterday, Katt Williams revealed that not only his he coming back to the big screen in Scary Movie 5, but this Summer he's returning to stand-up.

Katt Williams-youtube

Katt recently sat down with HipHollywood in what was a rather candid interview as part of his media rounds to promote his new movie, Scary Movie 5.  Among the many things talked about, Katt talked about the drama he's had over the last several months, his relationship with Suge, Dipset and more.

Among other things Katt spoke about his return to comedy this Summer, his recent string of incidents that brought about a media frenzy, his friendship with controversial Hip-Hop mogul Suge Knight and the return of Dipset.

Katt also sat and spoke on coming back to stand-up and this is what he said, "Yea I’ve been not doing any actual live performances because I got fake promoters out there so I was letting them finish spinning their wheels out there, but this is definitely the ‘Summer of Katt Williams,’ I can promise that. They have talked him up again, yet again!” Katt said laughing.

In addition Katt weighed in on his name being brought up in the recent Twitter bout between fellow comedians Mike Epps and Kevin Hart.

I love Katt, I will be the first one in line!  Here's a look at how incredibly he really is.  PLEASE BE ADVISED THESE VIDEOS INCLUDE EXPLICIT LANGUAGE.