Steve Harvey talks about his wife Marjorie everyday. You can listen on the radio and tell that he blushes when her name is mentioned. But what do we really know about the two love birds. What about their favorite clothes, music and vices. Well check out the 20 questions segment that was recently filmed on the tv show.


20 Questions with Steve and Marjorie Harvey:

From what I have heard they have a pretty interesting history as well. Apparently they used to date years ago, separated and fate brought them back together again. It's wonderful to see what I like to call a power couple and I am sure that he loves this woman with all of his heart.


I like seeing their love for one another and you can see it in each of their eyes as well when they talk about one another. Make sure you tune in weekdays to The Steve Harvey Show and also catch The Steve Harvey Morning Show weekdays here beginning at 5 on The Peoples Station 107 Jamz!