Health and wellness are a big deal, especially for young girls, tweens, and teens. This is one of the many essential lessons Anita Barker, founder of the Girlie Girlz Mentoring Program, teaches her girls.

There will be a Hygiene Room at the new Girls Rock Facility in Lake Charles. Though the building is not quite ready for Anita Barker and her Girlie Girlz to move in, the grand opening plans are in motion. At the top of Barker's list is filling the unique Hygiene Room with all the items her Girlie Girlz need to practice good hygiene habits, but also help supply those young ladies that need help with having access to these essential items. Mrs. Barker said,

"I absolutely love everything about the brand new Girls Rock Facility and the hygiene room is my absolute favorite room. Female youth will have open access to hygiene products such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, feminine products, soap, etc., all FREE OF CHARGE with no questions asked."

So please consider donating to the Girlie Girlz Hygiene Drive on Saturday, April 1, 2023, fundraiser. For more details or the donate today, call [337] 302-3725 or email
Anita Barker at To mail hygiene supplies or donations, ship to:
PO Box 7883, Lake Charles, La 70606. DO NOT SHIP TO THE ADDRESS ON THE FLYER‼️‼️

Things are already coming in. Thank you in advance! From Anita Barker and the young ladies at the Lake Charles Girlie Girlz Mentoring Inc.

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