We all know that rapper Gucci Mane doesn't exactly make the best decisions.  Not to long ago, he pushed a woman out of a moving vehicle because she wouldn't go back to the hotel with him. 

Gucci Mane-youtube

Then he pasted a gigantic ice cream tattoo on the side of his face complete with lightening bolts.  Sooooooooo, spend a lot of time thinking about things.  That may be the reason behind his latest tweets on Twitter:

Jessie L. Martin-Getty

Gotta love him!  He might had been a little excited about the up coming release of his new mixtape.  Get all the details below and listen to Tha Wire.  In other music news, another bio pic is getting ready to head to theaters.  Filming begins this month and the movie is based on the life and legacy of the legendary Marvin Gaye.


Playing the role as the music icon, is Jessie L. Martin.  Ironically, he was going to be cast in the first Marvin bio pic.  That flick was being produced by the Sopranos actor James Gandolfini five years ago,  but it never got off the ground for some reason.  This new film is being produced by Julian Temple and he ironically had his sights on another actor to play Marvin.  However, Marvin Gaye III wasn't having that.  Strangely enough, the first actor was his childhood friend too.

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Finally, French Montana's tour bus happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  The bus was parked in the vicinity of a drive-by shooting that left one man dead and another critically injured.  Get the latest now.  Press play to hear Tha Wire and get all of today's juicy details now: