The time has come again for all of us to give thanks for the life that we are living and also for great family and friends this year. We should also be thankful for the jobs that we have and the ability to be able to truly enjoy as well as to be expected.

So let me take this time to wish all of you a great Thanksgiving and major shouts out to all of those who look out for not only themselves but also for their neighbors and those who may be less fortunate. I remember when I first moved here and was unable to leave due to work responsibilities, there were so many friends who offered their homes to me to be able to have a great meal. That was something that I was truly thankful for.

My job is radio is sometimes rather demanding and in many cases we are obligated to stay here while our families travel abroad or to other family members, but this year I am truly able to be around my loved ones and enjoy a great meal with my wife and son on tomorrow. So while I will not be here on tomorrow, I would like to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and I hope that you will eat until your heart is content.

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