A few weeks ago, my family and I noticed an gathering of flies and not just a few but a lot of them. Of course you do the normal or trying to swat them or get rid of them, but it seemed like they became more and more. So why are we all of a sudden noticing such an influx of flies in our area? Well honestly it is happening all over the world. I was having the conversation with my brothers while in Mississippi and they were also dealing with them.

Reports are stating that it is because of the amount of rain that we have all been seeing in various places. What many don't know is that flies thrive off of water, they tend to breed in decaying, organic matter. Of course like anything this is an attracter for flies and the more decaying that is around, the more the flies gravitate towards it.

While the flies are a nuisance, we have to also be careful of mosquitoes who are just as bad and a little more dangerous as they tend to carry bacteria and can infect us. While the threat of cold weather is the best outlet. We personally were able to secure the snorda 4 Rolls Sticky Fly paper in our homes that seemed to be instant eliminators of the flies in our homes. It was only a couple of day before the flies had stop showing up and hopefully it will stay that way.



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