When I first heard about Bishop Bullwinkle, all I heard was the name. Alot of folks were talking about this song called "Hell To The Naw Naw" and when I finally heard the song. All I could do was laugh out of my seat. I am from Mississippi and the blues is something that we all know about when it comes to music. We have the greats like B.B. King, Mel Waiters and so many more.


Well if you have not heard this song, you are in for a treat. The video looks like he was performing in front of a burial site. Of course the message is something that we all can relate to. We all get tired of things going the wrong way and when you have something like this that you can pull out. You better use it. Check out the video!

 Bishop Bullwinkle- Hell To The Naw Naw: 

While the production is not all that it's cracked up to be. It gets the message across and like I said you can't help but to get the message of what he is saying. I heard the song has been out for awhile, but through social media. The song has created some legs and is moving on to the next level.

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