Pastor EJ Kemper III is a native of Louisiana and currently the residing Pastor of Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church in Lake Charles.This past weekend he released his 6th book titled The Local Body which can currently be purchased here.

Now Pastor Kemper and I go way back and I remember when we first met and he came to the station to promote a poetry event that he was doing at Central School here in Lake Charles. I had a love for poetry as well and we worked together on a few that brought some great poets to the city and gave an entirely new experience to the city of Lake Charles.

Fast Forward to today and I can honestly say that I am more than proud to know this man as a family man, hard working author and man of God who has truly used his gift to spread the word to those in need.

This Wednesday I will have him in the studio with me to talk about his latest book and maybe do a little reflecting as well. Who knows I may be able to get him to deliver a good word to the listeners. Make sure you pick up this latest book and continue to support his bath and what he is doing for the city.

The Local Body

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