The Nate Livings Foundation along with Billboard Gang and Comedian Tony Royster are asking for help from the community here in Lake Charles and abroad. As a parent I know how it is to be getting prepared for school for the upcoming school year. Although we have the summer to get prepared, there are always little things that we forget or just can't get at the moment.


This weekend starting tomorrow the above organizations are coming together to show love and they need your help. They are issuing a challenge to 300 people in the area to give to help others. Please come out and donate school supplies including notebooks, pencils, backpacks and school uniforms. Please make sure the uniforms are clean and reusable for the upcoming school year.

The donations are being accepted beginning on tomorrow at 7 am at the old Family Dollar location parking lot 2200 Broad Street. This will be going on tomorrow and also on Saturday as well at the same time. It's a great thing to give to others and it makes you feel good inside. I hope that you can make it and just give to those who could use a little extra help this year.

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