We had a successful run back in September, Unfortunately, when it comes to hunger with area students, there is more that needs to be done to help. This Saturday, we will be posted up again at Market Basket on 3rd avenue from 10 til 1 pm as we try to fill up Dewanna's Pantry for a great cause as we are going into the Christmas holiday.

We would first of all like to thank Market Basket for giving us their location to take part in this great cause. We also want to thank Two Men and A Truck who will be supplying the boxes for the event

The drive was a huge success and we had more than enough to kick off what we were trying to accomplish. But like I mentioned earlier that was in September and there is a need more than ever now to assist with the youth in Southwest Louisiana and we love being able to call on our listeners and supporters to help us out with such a great cause.

I will be out there along with the midday diva Gina Cook and we would love to have you come through and give your support. That is one of the reasons that we will be at Market Basket, you can come through and pick up some items from the store and we'll come and get them from you. The mission of DeWanna's Community Closet is still the same and we are on a mission to help minimize the hunger of the students and residents of SWLA. I hope to see you out this Saturday kicking off at 10 at Market Basket on 3rd avenue in Lake Charles.



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