Today in Tha Wire, you may have heard a little chatter about this already but the legal issue between Hulk Hogan and gossip site Gawker Media has come to a head. According to reports the story goes back to Hogan being the star of a sex tape, featuring him and his then BFF's wife, Heather Clem.

Apparently the former the WWE wrestler didn't know he was being filmed.  Even further according to Hogans claims his buddy, Todd Clem, encouraged the two to hook-up.  Then secretly filmed them doing the "act" and leaked it.  Once the tape was released, Hogan who's real name is Terry Bollea, sued Clem.  However the two quickly settled out of court, for a mere $5 grand.

The tape is said to be more than a decade old and has been at the center of an ongoing legal battle between Hulk and Gawker Media for the past 4 years or more.

Now things have come to a head and the former WWE Hall of Famer, scored a big "W" on Friday (March 18) in the case and thanks to a Florida jury, Hogan was awarded a $115 million judgement.

Gawker Media is trying to say they used their 1st Amendment right in airing the tape, but Hogans camp argued the gossip sight has no rights to his personal life.  Apparently the jury seen things Hogans way and judged accordingly.  Word has it he may still sue for punitive damages, as he claims to have suffered mental anguish, depression and had suicidal thoughts as well.

Meanwhile, the former WWE star was wiped from the wrestling Hall of Fame last year after Radar Online and the National Enquirer uploaded damaging audio from the same tape.  According to reports while in the mist of a little "pillow talk," he went on a racial tirade about how much he hated his daughter dating a black man. Not sure of exactly what he said, but it must have been pretty bad to cause him to loose his prestigious spot.

No word of whether he's going to try and sue Radar or the Enquirer next, but on that I'll keep you posted.  For all things entertainment listen to The Peoples Station  107 Jamz twice a day, every weekday a t12:50 p.m. and 3:35 p.m, for the scoop with Tha Wire.