Last Night was a pretty amazing night for me as I was officially announced to Lake Charles as the Marshall for the Merchants Parade to be held in Lake Charles on Friday night February 5th. As Mardi Gras is alot earlier this year, we are anticipating a great turnout and time with friends and family. This was actually my first time attending the Twelfth Night event and man I have to admit that it was pretty awesome.


There were so many great crews and people out at the event and I also got the chance to meet a  young lady name Kayleigh who is going to be the marshall for the Children's parade. She is a fourth grader from Dolby elementary and we had a time talking about the event and what we should expect.



I have to acknowledge and give a major shout out to Rebecca Moss for the opportunity to be present in the parade as over the past years. We have always been a part of the parade, but finally I have the chance to actually lead it and believe me. It is going to be alot of fun. Check out a few photos that I was able to clip last night from the event. Happy Mardi Gras to everyone.