This past week I visited the students at Washington Marion High School and hung out with some of the students who were interested in broadcasting. The class teacher Cary Chavis who is also a student of the game as well does a very good job with the kids in school.


I went there and talked to them about my start in the radio business and I have to say that the students had some very interesting questions to ask me. They had questions including have I made any sacrifices by choosing my career. Are there any regrets that I may have about choosing radio? The students are getting ready to launch their own radio station and from the looks of what they are doing. I think they have a very bright future ahead of them.


The station is called KBWM and it will be for the community. They are looking to really focus on bringing a positive light to the school and show that the students are really interested in their community and working for the betterment of the city. Thanks again to Cary and all of the kids for allowing me to come out and hang out and talk to them on Thursday.