Southern University Alumni Ladonte Lotts created something that is taking over Louisiana. We all know about the Jigg sound that many people love. Whether it's "Jiggalators", "Brown And White" and other classics that has rocked clubs from Baton Rouge to Atlanta, Georgia. So what happens when you put Jigg music and aerobics together, you have a new phenom called Jigg Aerobics. This is something that has just been brought to my attention and I have been asked if this is something that could work here in Lake Charles.

Check out a cool little clip of how his recent class in New Orleans has done and peep out the excitement of all of the young ladies faces as they sweat it out and Jigg at the same time.

Alright Lake Charles are you ready for an invasion with the man himself to come here and hold a few classes where you can socialize, hear nothing but jams and also work out at the same time? I have been asked by those who are behind this to see what the response would be and whether or not the support would be there. I told them yes, but I want to hear it from you.

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