Rick Ross has tried to apologize for his rap lyrics in Rocko's new single U.O.E.N.O, but to no avail.  A women's rights group wants his head and demanding that Reebok fire him as their spokesperson immediately.

UltraViolet protests Rick Ross in front of NYC Reebok headquarters-youtube
UltraViolet protests Rick Ross in front of NYC Reebok headquarters-youtube

As previously reported, Rick Ross stopped by Q93 in New Orleans and apologized for his lyrics, " Put molly all in her champagne, she ain't even know it.  I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain't even know it."   FYI, "Molly" is a nickname for a form of MDMA, cited by the FBI as a date-rape drug.  His apology didn't go over well.  Veteran rapper Talib Kweli called Ross a "Misguided 40-year old".

The Maybach Music Group leader is being pummeled by women's rights group, UltraViolet, who's 71,000 + petition was hand delivered to the NYC headquarters of Reebok in a protest today.  UltraViolet co-founder Shaunna Thomas said her organization has rallied against Reebok and Ross because the rapper is so well known. She said:

It’s true that other people have rapped about this subject before. But it’s rare that someone with a following like he has would be so brazen about rapping literally about drugging and raping someone. We saw this as an opportunity to make a comment about rape culture and to give people a way to say, This isn’t cool. As a culture, we need to figure out a way to make sure that we’re not sending the message to boys and men that it’s okay to rape. I think women have had enough.

Learn more about Rozays' latest troubles in Tha Wire below.
In other news, Beyonce is in "full throttle mode" the days.  She started the year singing the national anthem at President Barack Obama's second inauguration, a killer performance at the Super Bowl, signing a $50 million dollar endorsement deal with Pepsi, a self produced documentary on HBO, a few weeks ago she released singles "Bow Down/I Been On".

Here's Bey's new Pepsi Commercial!

She's one of the hardest working sista's in music.  She's proof that you can have it all, the career, the marriage, baby and the money.  It takes dedication and a tremendous work ethic.  In spite of all the haters, she's still doing the damn thing!  Speaking of which, get more details about what else Beyonce is up to inside Tha Wire below.

Finally, USC and UCLA seem to be the place to go if your dad is a famous rapper.  Romeo scored a full Basketball scholarship to USC, Justin Combs scored a full scholarship to UCLA.  However, some people had a problem with that, because their parents are rich.  Here's Steven A Smith on that subject.

Romeo and Justin aren't the only children of rap making people take notice on the field.  Find out who else is looking at signing with USC and UCLA now.  Get the latest on all the news now.  Press play to hear Tha Wire now.


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