Offset is denying police contacted him due to threats he received from Nicki Minaj's husband last month.

Offset Speaks on Kenneth Petty Incident

On Wednesday (Oct. 11), Offset was a guest on Power 105. 1's The Breakfast Club to promote his new album Set It Off, which is scheduled to drop on Oct. 13. During the interview, the former Migos rapper was asked straight up by cohost Charlamagne Tha God if authorities reached out to him after being threatened by Kenneth Petty and his associates on social media back in September.

Hell naw," Offset responded at the 21:40-mark of the interview below when asked if he was ever contacted by the police about the incident. "Police ain't never calling me. They ain't go no number for me. Man, please. I would never do no lame-a** s**t like that. I'd rather keep in the street than do some s**t like that. All that s**t a joke. Grown-a** man doing s**t like that...I just laugh at s**t like that."

"I'm just too old to participate in s**t like that," he added. "I think sometimes n***as want you to be tough. But when you crash out they call you stupid."

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Nicki Minaj's Husband and Co. Threaten Offset, Face Legal Action

Back on Sept. 16, several videos surfaced online that featured Nicki Minaj's husband Kenneth Petty and multiple associates threatening Offset and on the hunt for the rapper. The men were reportedly angered by a DM Offset sent one of the men. Offset later responded to the threats in a social media video where he laughed off the clip. As a result of the video featuring Nicki Minaj's husband, Petty was sentenced to up to four months of home confinement for violating his probation. Rumors later arose that Offset got in touch with authorities leading to the legal action.

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Watch Offset addressing the incident with Nicki Minaj's husband below.

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