SWLA, you have another reason to eat at Casa Manaña, 2510 Ryan Street, Lake Charles! Monday, February 6, is Buddy Russ Day! Everyone knows the big guy, whose real name is Russ Conrad. He's been a local celeb, working for 99.5 for several years, and clearly very well-liked.

Outside of radio, Russ does all kinds of charity events, from the Real Men Wear Pink fundraiser every year, hosting events and charities, not to mention being the co-founder of the local jeep group, Seven Slot Society of SWLA. 

If that's not enough, the man is even an ordained minister! So, if you're getting married anytime soon, he's your guy! Buddy Russ is well known and always doing something for someone, but now he needs our help. Please stop and dine in or order to-go all day at Casa Manaña on Monday in support of Buddy Russ Day.

A portion of the proceeds will help to pay some of his expenses while he battles a very aggressive Cancer. Last year he was diagnosed with rare cancer called neuroblastoma that started in his nasal cavity. It went dormant for a while but has come back in his bones. As we all know, cancer treatment is astronomically expensive!

Let's root him on and come together for a local celeb that has done so much for the people in his community. Join us at Casa Manaña, 2510 Ryan Street, Lake Charles Monday, February 6, for Buddy Russ Day!

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