Have you ever needed a blood transfusion or knew someone who did? Have you ever given blood to your local Blood Bank?  Dr. Charles R. Drew developed and gave the American Red Cross this lifesaving technique. Dr. Drew invented the first blood bank in America and Great Britain. Through blood transfusion research, the talented doctor developed a groundbreaking technique to store blood plasma.

When World War II began, Dr. Drew was asked to head the medical program "Blood for Britain," which served as the model for the 1941 Red Cross pilot program. Using his technique of long-term blood preservation and storage, or blood banking, he helped save the lives of thousands of allied soldiers.

In 1940 Dr. Drew served as the director of the Red Cross, under his leadership developed the National Blood Donor Service, which helped to mass produce lifesaving plasma overseas during the war. Before long, he invented bloodmobiles, which consisted of mobile blood donation trucks with onboard refrigeration. This cemented his claim to fame as Father of the Blood Bank.

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