We love our crawfish a lot in Louisiana, and so do people from all parts of the world who have visited our great state. As much as we might want to believe that everyone loves them, not everyone is fond of crawfish in part because they do look like giant bugs. Crawfish also resemble lobsters except bite size. As far as the taste in comparison I wouldn’t know because I’ve never eaten lobster, but that’s beside my point right now.

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel recently celebrated his daughters graduation from college by ordering crawfish from Louisiana. According to Jimmy, that’s what she wanted so he made it happen. Jimmy’s Aunt Chippy was not a fan of the crawfish at all though, so when she left to return home he sent his cousin Eric back with two mud bugs so he could play a prank on her. Let’s just say Aunt Chippy almost had a heart attack when she discovered one of the crawfish in a bowl in the kitchen. Aunt Chippy wished her nephew and her son to a very low place. Watch the hilarious clip above.