On Last week Joe Budden came at Drake on what he took as a diss on the French Montana song that was just released. While French has said that the song is not about him, Joe seemed to already have one locked in the chamber for Drake.


Well apparently a few of Drakes fans didn't take to kindly to the diss and decided to show just how big of supporters they were for the Canadian prince. They showed up at Joe Buddens home and lets just say that it didn't end to well. Joe took off in his car and chased the guys down before realizing that they were recording the entire thing. Check out this exclusive video of Joe breaking the story down.



Joe Budden Talks Drake Stan Coming To His Home:

It seems that things are a little bit better between the fellas, but I would not advise anyone to try something like this. This could have turned out to be even uglier then it did and who knows what would have went down if Joe would have had a weapon on him. Check out Joe Budden's latest "All Love Lost" that's available now.


Joe Budden- "Afraid" (Drake Diss)

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