John Legend has been dabbling in various types of mediums. From executive-producing television shows (WGN’s Underground) to starring in musicals (La La Land), the R&B singer is not afraid to expand his portfolio. Now the piano man is jumping into the world of virtual reality (VR).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Legend will voice a character in a new virtual reality animated series called Rainbow Crow from upstart VR company Baobab Studios. The Grammy-winning singer will also executive produce the program along with his longtime partner and collaborator, Ty Stiklorius.

Rainbow Crow is inspired by Lenape folklore and tells the story of a bird with the most beautiful feathers and sweet-sounding voice, who goes on a journey to bring light back into the world after the planet turns mysteriously dark and cold. The series has idealistic themes like diversity, sacrifice and self-acceptance.

"Rainbow Crow brings storytelling and music together in a way no one else has yet in virtual reality," said Legend about the project. "It's an incredible medium for inspiring a journey of self-discovery and finding your way in times of darkness. In light of what's going on in today's world, it's a message of deep meaning that people from all walks of life can embrace."

The first episode of Rainbow Crow is scheduled to premiere at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival, which take place in New York from April 19 to April 30.

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