Joshua has got to be beside himself at this point!  He may actually win this thing people!  The country boy from Louisiana is putting Westlake on the map! 


Shouts out to everyone who voted for him.  Thank you, he can't make it without you.  So, pat yourselves on the back once again.  He sure makes it easy for us, because he gets a standing ovation every week!  Here's my prediction, I think he should go all the way to the top 2, if he doesn't win it all.  There it is.  I've said it!

Jimmy Lovine said it best, "I was really impressed last night with Joshua ... He showed me something in the crossover aspect of his career that he can really hit on." Then, he switched completely for India Arie's Ready for Love. "Emotional, restrained and just moved all of us right where he wanted us." If Joshua gets voted off tonight, he says, there's something wrong with the competition, the whole ball of wax."


As far as tonight's results show a couple of folks were in the building like Stefano and Katy Perry.  Of course, with every show there's good news and bad news. Tonight, Elise, Holly and Skyler found themselves in the bottom 3.  However, as quick as Skyler was sent to the bottom 3 she was told she was safe.  Leaving Elise and Holly to sweat it out.  Ultimately, America sent Elise home.  We wish you the best Elise.  I can't see her not getting a deal.  She has an amazing voice!

Here's another recap from last night!



This is what Joshua does before every performance.  It's always good to have a friend in high places.  God has his hand in this and Joshua is going all the way!



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