The thing to remember about all the Joshua Ledet “American Idol” festivities scheduled for this weekend is that they’re all being pretty much made up out of thin air, so that means things are subject to change quickly, and often. 

The latest news from Calcasieu Parish officials is that Josh’s big parade has been moved up from 2:30 p.m. to 12 p.m. in an attempt to beat the rain being forecast in the area.

The parade will still follow it's originally intended route down  Sampson Street in Westlake, LA starting at the Multipurpose Building and heading north to Westlake High.  Everyone is encouraged to come out and support Josh with as many signs as they can carry — and remember, the “American Idol” film crews will have their cameras out, so if you put some work into it, you might end up on national TV!  But be careful, the parade is about Josh and not about promoting your business or organization.  Because of this, officials are asking that signs be used to support Josh and that they not include promotional material.

While the parade won’t be as flashy as Southwest Louisiana residents are used to, we will still get the marching band, flag corps, and cheerleaders from good ol' Westlake High to entertain us.  On top of all of that, we'll also get the Buccaneers Float, a float for Josh's family, and the man of the hour himself.

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