Authorities reportedly think it's unlikely that Juice Wrld's entourage will face charges for 70 pounds of marijuana confiscated from a private jet they flew in with the Deathrace for Love rapper on the day he died.

According to a report TMZ published on Friday (Dec. 13), police assert that it will be close to impossible to pinpoint who the massive amount of marijuana belonged to prior to the flight. No one in the late rapper's crew claimed any one of the numerous vacuum-packed bags of weed. In addition, the array of suitcases that were found with the stash did not have any special tags indicating the owner.

The source tells the outlet that the Chicago PD currently possesses the contraband and are scoping every inch of the suitcases for fingerprints. If they do find anything, police believe they won't have any other way to prove that Juice's crew were the ones who owned the luggage and packed the weed in it.

Additionally, the site says FBI sources gave the case to the Chicago PD because they found that it's a "non-case."

The only suspects in the case that police have arrested so far are Chris Long and Henry Dean, two security guards who accompanied Juice on his flight. They were detained for possession of handguns but no drug charges have been filed against them.

Juice Wrld passed away after suffering a seizure. It's been reported that people on the scene say he swallowed several Percocet pills in order to hide the drugs from authorities searching through the plane's luggage.

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