This is 6 week old June!  She is the sister of last weeks 'Dog of The Week' Johnny.  She like her brother is just a bundle of cuteness.  However, she's got her own personality.  Her foster mother Lisa says, June bosses her siblings around and is pretty much the leader of her pack.

June is available for adoption today and for more details go the Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue and click on the adoption page to fill out the online application.  In the meantime, see this cute little pup in action in the video below.  Plus, hear what her foster mother has to say about her.

See!  She's got a mind of her own.  When she wants her toy, she wants it.  As previously mentioned adorable June has already got her first set of shots and when the time comes for the rest of them, Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue will take care of the rest.  In addition, they will pay for her to be spayed and microchipped as well.  It's a pretty cool set-up, if I do say so myself.


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