In a news from, their reporting that an arrest warrant has been issued for Juvenile, because he allegedly owes more than $160,000 in unpaid child support.  Apparently, the back child support is for his 13-year old son and if he doesn't pay up, he might be looking at 90 days.


According to court documents, Juvi can pay $50,000 upfront to avoid the jail time, otherwise he will be arrested and sent to jail when he is apprehended.  Since the story has broke, Juvenile has responded to the allegations.  Saying, "I'm a DAMN GOOD father who takes care of his children ... and that's why I was shocked to find out a warrant had been issued for my arrest over unpaid child support.  Adding, "This is a bunch of bullsh*t.  I was never informed that there was a warrant out for my arrest."  He explains, "My son stays with me most of the time ... I take care of my son ... I love my son."

When asked how he's gonna deal with the situation now that he does know, he said "Now that I know, my lawyer is on it ... I'm going to handle it."

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