Kanye West is known as Yeezus but his latest move has fans wondering if he may be a Jedi as well.

For his "Saint Pablo" Tour, 'Ye unveiled a floating stage. But during his latest stop in Atlanta, one fan wanted to get onboard as well. While this could have escalated to a serious -- and dangerous -- situation, 'Ye simply waved his hands towards the fan to move and just like that, the fan fell back into the crowd. And ironically, it all happen while during a performance of "Power." (With a closer look, viewers can see that it's actually a security guard who pulled the crazed fan down on Monday (Sept. 12).)

But even if 'Ye did have powers, that wouldn't be the only way he moves his fans. During the concert, he shared a powerful message with the crowd.

“Where the dreamers in the house tonight, the entrepreneurs, the people who’ve been told they couldn’t do something at one point in their life?” asked ‘Ye. “I die on the internet every day for y’all. I die for your dreams. I look stupid so y’all don’t have to be afraid. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes."

In an interview with E! News, 'Ye explained how the floating stage came about.

"At least eight months of planning for this,” he said. "Traveling around the world and meeting with the best stage designers on the globe and having the best stage designers."

Check out the video of 'Ye seemingly using his jedi mind tricks, and peep his message below.


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