Today marks the 20th anniversary of Tupac Shakur‘s death (Sept.13th).

In honor of the legendary rapper, a Wakalet account was created to display a collection of never before heard songs and significant Tupac content all in one place. The site is split up into nine categories: unreleased tracks, unreleased collaborations, guest verses, live performances, freestyles, interviews, music videos, documentary, and legacy.

The account was created by the Reddit user 'Doogywassa'. And whoever that is, definitely did his/her homework. The collection includes 78 unreleased songs, 22 unreleased collab's, more than 100 guest verses and the list goes on. You can watch and listen to all of the rare content right here.

But Doogywassa isn't the only one with exclusive Tupac memorabilia.

Gobi M. Rahimi is selling framed prints of unreleased Tupac photos taken by himself. The framed prints can be viewed on the Sonic Editions website in various sizes with prices starting at $129.

Rahimi worked with Tupac until his tragic death twenty years ago and captured some amazing still's of the Death Row legend. The specific photo's up for sale date back to 1990 when Pac preformed with Digital Underground, all the way through 1996.

While we all appreciate the fan favorite tracks by Tupac, The BoomBox is also proud to share some of the rapper's most underrated songs that might not come to mind when you think of his musical greatness.

Twenty years after his death, the fascination with Shakur and his music continues to grow by the masses. We lost one of the greatest rapper's of all time but his legacy will forever will on.


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