Katt Williams is one of the most hilarious and believed comedians of our time, however lately his legal issues have been on the increase. 


Katt was arrested for assault in Oakland Wednesday (November 14). The drama unfolded East Oakland at a club called Kimballs Carnival.  Police were called to the scene and arrested Katt and at this time it's unclear if he has been officially charged with anything.   According to police another man was hit in the head with a bottle during the scuffle and taken to a hospital after the incident, which happened about 8 p.m. near the Courtyard Marriott in the 900 block of Broadway. The incident was caught on tape, here's how it all went down.

In the video, Katt says "Call Live Nation ... call the radio station ... the show's canceled." He was referring to his show that was scheduled to go down that night at Oakland's Oracle Arena, but despite his threats the show still took place.

Unfortunately, Katt's run-ins with the law have been on the increase in the last 30 days.  Just last month, Katt Williams was arrested for pulling a gun on actor Faizon Love after a heated argument outside a nightclub in Hollywood.   According to Faizon, the two got into it behind $50,000 Katt allegedly owes him.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Love said of the incident, "Once the argument escalated, Katt went to his car to go get his gun to pull it out on me.  Fortunately, one of my homeboys who was there took the gun out of Katt's hands.  "Come to find out the gun he pulled out on me was not even loaded. My homeboy gave it back to him ... then we went in the club.” However, minutes later, Katt was arrested for a possible gun violation, Faizon says he's NOT the person who called the po po. Faizon added, I am just extremely upset that his punk ass would pull a gun out on me and even play with me like that," Love says ... adding, "He better chill his ass out."

Then, Katt's longtime assistant filed a $5 million lawsuit against him, claiming he assaulted her and punched her in the face on October 6.  Katt's assistant is alleging the the closed-fist punch has caused "permanent injuries".
On top of all of that, the comedian has had a few incidences of confronting hecklers in his audience, one of which got physical and ended in a shoving match.  He's also had a few arrests for "felony intimidation of a witness" and carrying a concealed weapon.  So, he's got some drama in his life.

Non the less, he's a talented brotha and hollywood has come knocking once again.  Katt has landed a starring role in the upcoming Scary Movie 5.  The new installment will not only star Katt, but Lindsay Lohan, Mike Tyson, Heather Locklear and Charlie Sheen.