News about comedian/actor Katt Williams is getting more and more bizarre.  As you know he's been in and out of the news for everything from causing a disturbance, attacking and assaulting people to more recently holding his own bodyguard captive.  Speaking of which, word has it though he was granted bond he's still in jail.

I hate to say it, but that may be the place he needs to be if this latest development concerning the comedian proves to be legit.  According to The Wrap a woman has come forward claiming she was held against her will and beaten for three hours straight at his residence.  This is a super bizarre story in which a Hollywood actress named, Jamila Majesty, is accusing Katt and four of his female associates of “torturing” her, using sorcery and spells.

Yeah...I can't even believe I'm reporting this craziness.  Yet that's the latest news on the star and several media entities are reporting it.  It's pretty crazy, but Katt and four women believed to be staying with him are being implicated in a serious crime involving torture and false imprisonment among other things.

No telling why she went there in the first place, but Ms. Majesty claims soon after entering Katt's home she was brought up stairs and taken into his master bathroom, where she allegedly beaten for hours until she escaped.  The woman has filed a lawsuit against embattled entertainer suing for intentional infliction of emotional distress, battery, assault, false imprisonment and more.

Jamila Majesty gave pages and pages of testimony, detailing her terrifying experience at the comedians home.  She claims she was brutally beatin, mainly about the face and head, by the star and four woman in his bathroom.  She testified they kept telling her she was going to get a blessing and she was knocked unconscious several times.  She goes on to claim, one of the women treated her with ice in between the beatings.

Allhiphop reports that in Exhibit B seen below, Jamila Majesty, describes the scene when she first arrived at Williams' home.  She claims to have seen a "Wiccan book" of spells and they were burning unusual things in fireplace that had a sweet odor:

“This one was [female] wearing a short black mini dress with her head garment and was taking chocolate chip cookies out from the oven.  Katt offered me cookies. I refused. Katt was smoking a Newport cigarette from the time I first arrived throughout.”

“Katt escorted me to a room that I’m assuming is the master bedroom…The room had a fire going and an older dark (probably Jamaican) woman inside the room sitting in the chair nearest the entry door. The television was on and there were hair dryers and tools for the hair spread out on the bed. She was Katt’s hairdresser, I do not remember her name”

“I sat on the bed sometimes too alone. There was a book on the bed that I opened for a glance and am assuming was a Wiccan book, something evil, with the teachings on sorcery and spells. The fire was fed with unusual things for a fire, I’m not sure what but my intuition picked up on it and the fire smelled of sweetness more so than a normal fire.”

“I was beat predominantly in my face until I fell to my knees and my blood was everywhere”

“I got in my car and that was right before 1:30am. I know the beating started at 10:30 pm. I was beat for three hours straight.

“Katt was very delighted at me falling to my knees looking at it as a form of me bowing to him.”


Wow!  That's really all I can say at this point.  Don't know what's up with my man Katt, but I will do my best to follow this story and keep you posted.  In the meantime for the best in entertainment, listen to Tha Wire twice a day at 12:50 p.m and again at 3:35 p.m. every weekday on The Peoples Station 107 Jamz.

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