Although it seemed like Katt Williams was heading back in the right direction as he was releasing a new comedy special Kattpacalyspe, which even though its been a few years is actually funny. Well the past few days haven't been as funny for the comedian as he was recently arrested over possession of a deadly arm. The problem is he pulled out a gun on a fellow comedian, and this guy is not one to be playing with.

Faizon Love and Katt Williams apparently got into a situation over some serious money. How about $50,000 worth, is that enough for you. Well during the argument, comedian Katt Williams went to his vehicle to get a gun and pulled it on Faizon. The only problem with that is the gun wasn't loaded. One of Faizons associates took the gun away and actually gave the weapon back to Katt. The argument was over and Faizon and his friend went along their way. Not long after the incident, Katt was arrested by the police. Now I have to admit that $50,000 is alot to be upset over, but hopefully they can get this situation resolved. Katt has seemingly been trying to get himself together, and the last thing he needs is any kind of setback at the moment.


Katt Williams- KattPacalypse:

Faizon Love-1st Amendment Stand Up:

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