This has been a wild few months even for Katt Williams.  He's been off the chain for a while now, however his incidents have really been piling up these days.


Speaking of which it's been a busy weekend for the gifted comedian/actor.  This Sunday (December 2nd) Katt was involved in two separate incidents.  He started things off by slapping a Target employee in the face at a Woodland, California store.  To make matters worse, it was all caught on the store surveillance camera.

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Can you say lawsuit?  Cause that guy he hit, is about to get paid.  Plus, that's straight up assault and Katt might get a little time if the employee or Target decides to pursue this matter.  In the video, the you can see the employee pull out his phone and called the police which is why Katt left the scene. Believe it or not, Katt actually left the store in one of those electric carts!  Once outside, he got off the cart and onto his three-wheeled motorcycle.

According to reports, he has not been arrested...yet.  A rep for the Yolo County DA's office said the incident is being investigated and charges haven't been filed...yet.


Unbelievably enough that same day, Katt Williams took the Sacramento, California police on a wild chase on his three-wheeled motorcycle.  Officers say Katt was riding on the wrong side of the road and sidewalk.  Someone called the police and when they arrived on the scene, he refused to pull over.  No doubt, Katt Williams is having some drug or/and alcohol issues.  Hopefully he could get himself together or possibly get help, before it's to late.

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As I said this has been a busy few weeks for him.  A couple of weeks ago, he pulled a gun on fellow actor Faizon Love.  The two became involved in a argument in the parking lot of a club, according to Faizon over some money Katt owed him.  During the altercation, Katt pulled a gun on Faizon and a member of his entourage snatched the gun out of Katt's hand all to learn the gun wasn't loaded. Thankfully.  However Katt could've got himself killed by doing that.

If that's not enough that same night, he got into a bar fight!!  Katt according to got into an altercation with some folks at a bar in Seattle, were he was trying to hit people with a pool stick.

According to authorities, he was asked to leave and refused so they were called out.  Finnally, when he did leave he followed a group of people out of the club and threw a cigarette at a woman hitting her in the eye.  He also threw a rock at her vehicle.

Needless to say, he went to jail, but was bailed out by his tour manager.......SUGE KNIGHT.