Today in Tha Wire superstar comedian/actor Kevin Hart is in a very sticky situation right now. Last week an unidentified woman posted videos blasting Hart for being a liar and a cheat. TMZ reports the woman added excerpts of a previous interview, where the star talked about cheating on his ex-wife, Torrei Hart, and how infidelity broke up their marriage. He also said his wife, Eniko Parrish Hart, made him change his ways. Another video leads off with Hart talking, and then displays details in text about an alleged sexual encounter. The female exposes Hart's rendezvous, and claims his "disgusting" behavior took place during his pregnant wife's birthday weekend, in Las Vegas. Peep the video below.

She also claims Hart's real reason for starting his hurricane relief challenge for Harvey victims, was to deflect the impending sex tape news.  AllHipHop reports the woman went a step further and tried to blackmail Hart into paying her $500K, not to release the video. Which is supposedly supposed to show Hart getting real cozy with a woman, who isn't his wife. Then it allegedly shows him having sex with a woman. The whole situation supposedly went down at the Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Hotel. The said hook-up was allegedly with more than one woman, including the woman trying to extort money from him.

The bad part about this, is that Hart was accused of being out of line in July. Complex reports the star reportedly got into a car with a woman, identified as singer Monique Gonzalez. Paparazzi filmed the comedian as he engaged in a convo with the woman for about 20 minutes. Does this mean he's also seeing Gonzalez? Not hardly. No one knows what the convo was about. Hart was unbothered by the cheating accusations, and posted the following  IG response.

The extortionist alleges the sexual encounter was very recent, and took place August 17, through August 20. That's not good, beings Hart just got remarried, Eniko is 7 months pregnant, AND turned 33rd August 18. The woman threatened to expose the star and leak the explicit video if he didn't pay up. Though she admits to being a willing participant in the sexual event, she called him reckless. Which he was, but what is she? The woman said they were all drinking and using drugs, adding "Kevin Hart was recklessly partying with my friends and I, drinking doing drugs and having sex with multiple women at the Las Vegas Cosmopolitan hotel," she barked. She goes on to chastise him for being disrespectful saying "Seeing Kevin Hart blatantly disrespect his marriage, and the way he did, it was appalling to me." Is she for real?

Well Hart knew he was busted, but refused to let his wife and kids hear about his actions before he got a chance to say something first. So he took to his Instagram page to offer a public apology..

Hart's alleged sex playmate, has the nerve to past judgement on the man for cheating, when she was who he cheated with! I heard it all. It's not like she didn't know he was married, nor that his wife was pregnant. Then she tries to extort money from the man? Wow! He's 100% dead a** wrong. Doing something like that to his wife, knowing she's pregnant and it was her birthday, is incredibly low down. As much as I love his comedy and his movies, I am extremely shocked to hear he'd do something like this. However, this woman is lower, than low and deserves whatever she has coming to her. On that same note some would say that's good for Eniko, because she was allegedly the other woman at one time. According to Hart's ex-wife, she is the reason their marriage broke up. Torrei sat down with Inside Edition and explained how Eniko split her and Kevin up.

Well you know what they say, the same way you got em, is the same way you lose him. Meanwhile, Complex reports Hart ain't taking this blackmail business lying down. His legal camp is going after the female extortionist for illegally trying to blackmail him out of $500,000. Since his very public apology to his 50 plus million followers, Hart had nothing further to say on the matter. His rep released a statement on the incident saying,

"Someone tried to set Kevin up in a failed extortion attempt. As law enforcement is involved, we cannot comment further as it could affect the investigation.”

On this I will keep you posted. I am sure more details will be revealed on this story in the coming days. As for all things entertainment, checkout Tha Wire every weekday on The People's Station 107 Jamz to stay in the know.

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