Today in Tha Wire, TMZ reports Keyshia Cole made a bad decision when she failed to appear in court a couple of weeks ago. As previously reported, about 4-years ago the songstress went postal on woman for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. In 2014 Cole was seeing Birdman, on the low. One night she popped up at the rap moguls L.A. condo unannounced, and found another female in his crib.

Allegedly around the same time the singer strolled in the door, she spotted Sabrina Mercadel coming out of a bathroom, and came unglued. AllHipHop reported that Ms.Cole probably shoulda waited to find out who the woman was, before attacking her. Mercadel claims she wasn't the Cash Money CEO's sidepiece, she was his employee. The woman filed criminal charges against Keyshia Cole, after the unprovoked attack. In her complaint Mercadel stated that she'd been working for Birdman for 10-years.

Sabrina Mercadel filed suit against the singer. She was originally looking for $1 million, but had since raised the amount to $4 million. Mercadel claims she incurred extensive damages to her face, and lost use of one of her fingers as a result of the attack. In a jealous rage Keyshia is accused of punching, and clawing Mercadel in the face and mouth, with her nails, and pulling her hair.

In an update on the case, TMZ reports Keyshia was a no-show at the December 2017 hearing. As a result the judge over the case ended the suit with a default judgment in favor of Mercadel. Though it wasn't exactly the amount she was seeking, Sabrina was awarded a $100,635. No word on why the singing diva missed her court date, and there's be no statement issued on this matter from her camp either. Guess that's, that.

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